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For more than 15 years, we have been developing online visualization solutions that take interactive 3D configuration to the next level and make it accessible to all businesses. With our software, clients create engaging user experiences, boost their sales and successfully enter new markets.

Bespoke kitchen furniture

Online 3D and AR functionality enables users to configure kitchens online and make real-time adjustments to ensure first-time right orders. Automated product suggestions and additions facilitate error-free proposals, while 3D and AR visualizations streamline the customer journey and accelerate sales.

“We wanted configuration tools that empowered our distribution network, inspired sales staff and excited end-users. CanvasLogic listened to our vision and developed unique solutions that enabled us to achieve our goals”

Design your dream door

A WebGL-based online configurator without additional plugins. From surfaces, handles, and frames to door leaves, locks, dimensions and glass inserts – customers can configure doors online and update customizations in real-time.

“We were impressed with how interested the team were in our business and operations, and how they used this knowledge to create enhanced configuration solutions for the JOKA brand.”

Advanced building communication technology

A powerful interactive 3D sales configurator that enables real-time visualization and quoting of complex products, making the sales process fast and error-free. It delivers CPQ functionality via a platform that’s simple to use, easy to integrate and effortless to maintain.

Unique bedroom and wardrobe solutions

An SaaS-based product configurator that improves in-store customer consulting and enables guided selling online. Used to sell highly customized products via different channels, customers can configure furniture online while staff can streamline the sales process by using CanvasLogic as an in-store product configurator.

Smart home solutions for comfortable living

An AR-based design studio that creates photorealistic product images. Users can view customized products in any environment to plan their interior and experience smart home solutions in real-time with our mobile augmented reality product configurator.

“We are extremely pleased with our new configuration engine, designed and implemented by CanvasLogic. From the start, the CanvasLogic team was receptive to our ideas and feedback, and took the time to understand how the configuration tool could integrate with, and develop, our business model. The configuration tool is now in frequent use, and has vastly improved the process of configuring and visualising our products online.”

Showcases of CanvasLogic Technology in Action

Interact with a range of examples, covering everything from interactive visualization to complex configuration with pricing, quoting, guided selling, and reseller templates.
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