As the name suggests, product configurator software provides online functionality to customize and configure products. From furniture and clothing to cars, manufacturing components and kitchens, product configuration software empowers customers and gives businesses the opportunity to sell complex products online – but it can have some limitations.

Generic product configurators attempt to provide a ‘one size fits all’ solution that rarely delivers the functionality and features that a retailer needs. After all, your products, services and brand are unique, so why assume that standardized software can deliver the best results?

In contrast, a custom configurator is designed and developed exclusively for your business. Incorporating the features that are most valuable to your target audiences and the functionality that provides most commercial benefits, custom product configurator software is built and integrated to deliver optimal performance for your company – with impressive results.

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Building a Custom Product Configurator

With more than 20 years’ experience creating bespoke product configuration software, CanvasLogic is adept at building bespoke configuration and visualization solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their brand, their target audiences and their commercial objectives.

By doing so, we can identify valuable features, critical integration options and must-have configuration functionality. Our insights and advice help clients to establish their brief and determine exactly what they can achieve with the best product configuration software.

Then, our experienced developers get to work bringing your vision to life. Whether we’re creating 3D models of your products or working with existing 3D assets, we build product configurators with unique rules-based engines, real-time responsiveness and custom pricing information to create game-changing product configuration software.

Nobilia Kitchen

Explore the custom product configuration software development process and find out how we created bespoke software for leading kitchen manufacturer, nobilia elements.

Custom Product Configuration Software:
Popular Features

When you choose custom product configurator software, you get the opportunity to specify exactly what features you’d like. Of course, we’re often asked which features are most popular with users or which features help boost online sales, which is why we’ve put together a list of the best-loved product configuration software features:

Photorealistic 3D Images

3D imagery is created digitally to deliver the highest quality visuals and showcase your product at its finest. We create 3D renderings of your products (or use your existing 3D files) to build your product catalog and enable users to view a product from every angle with added depth.

With high-quality imagery, custom software acts as visual product configurator and empowers users to create customizable end-products.

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Smartphone screen shows augmented reality shopping experience with a sideboard visible on the screen.
CanvasLogic - Why Custom Product Configurator Software

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Augmented Reality (AR) Visualizations

When users shop online, they don’t typically get to really experience a product – unless your product configuration software includes AR functionality, that is. By combining digital and real-world elements, users can visualize products and configurations in their own environment. Then, the user can modify a configuration or submit an order, based on the AR product visualization.

It can be difficult for users to accurately visualize complex, customizable products but AR functionality seamlessly blends digital product images into real-life environments. Adding interactivity into the customer journey, reducing order errors and increasing customer satisfaction, AR visualizations can have a real-world impact on your sales figures and profit margins too.

Shareable Content

We live in a world of instant connectivity and consumers love to get feedback before they make a purchase. By making it easy to share configurations via email, text or Bluetooth, custom product configuration software, users can send their mock-ups to friends and family before finalizing their order.

When two or more people are responsible for purchasing decisions, shareable content also accelerates the customer journey and turns prospects into sales more quickly.

Anhang CanvasLogic - Why Custom Product Configurator Software
Anhang CanvasLogic - Coach configurator

Instant Price Calculations

Product configuration with price calculation gives users the opportunity to access real-time order information while customizing a product. Using data from your cloud-based product catalog, custom software allows you to deliver instant price calculations for configurable products online. Furthermore, if you choose to integrate your configuration software with your online order systems, users can modify a product configuration with price calculation and submit an order instantly.

CPQ Functionality

Configure, price and quote (CPQ) platforms enable companies to create unique quotes in seconds, but this software is typically designed for in-house use by trained staff and isn’t customer-centric.

By creating custom product configuration software, however, you can incorporate CPQ tools and CPQ guided selling into your configuration solutions. With user-centric designs and user-friendly interfaces, product configuration software can deliver CPQ functionality that can be used by both in-house sales teams and your target customers.

Anhang CanvasLogic -Why Custom Product Configurator Software

End-to-End Integration

Product configurator software should enhance your sales process, not complicate it. When you have custom software created for your business, CanvasLogic will work with your existing system to ensure seamless functionality and optimal performance.

Our custom product configuration solutions can be integrated with a variety of platforms, including eCommerce platforms, ERP, PIM, CRM systems and more. Additionally, our in-house experts handle every aspect of the implementation process to provide turnkey solutions and instant configurations via your sales configurator.

Custom Product Configuration Software
vs Configurator Plugins

If you’ve been looking for online product configuration solutions, you may have come across generic plugins and add-ons that claim to provide online configurator functionality. While these can offer some benefits, they rarely deliver real-time configurations, advanced customization or brand-specific content. To help you decide whether custom product configuration software or a generic plugin is right for your business, take a look at our comparison table:

*Based on general overview of market-ready configuration plugins.

Branded Configurator
Check Why Custom Product Configurator Software
Limited themes ausually available
AR Visualizations
Check Why Custom Product Configurator Software
Separate software is generally required
Photorealistic 3D image rendering using
High-Speed GPUs
Check Why Custom Product Configurator Software
Dependent on plugin
3D Modeling and File Creation
Check Why Custom Product Configurator Software
Interactive Products
Check Why Custom Product Configurator Software
Dependent on plugin
Complete Customization
Check Why Custom Product Configurator Software
Many plugins only provide limited customization options
Multi-Product Configurations
Check Why Custom Product Configurator Software
Generic plugins typically only offer single-product customization
Integration with eCommerce Platforms
Check Why Custom Product Configurator Software
If eCommerce integration is available, plugins are generally only compatible with one platform
Integration with PIM, ERP, CRM etc.
Check Why Custom Product Configurator Software
Bill of Materials Creation
Check Why Custom Product Configurator Software
Dependent on plugin
Expert, One-to-One Support
Check Why Custom Product Configurator Software

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If you want to elevate your customer journeys, enhance the user experience (UX) and increase online sales, a custom 3D product configurator and AR visualizer can help you to achieve your goals. To learn more about the development process or to discuss your bespoke configurator, request a demo now.

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