3D Product Configurator and Visualization

For over 15 years, we’ve empowered customers with config-driven visualization solutions to digitize sales, enhance experiences, and accelerate business growth

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Interact with a range of examples, covering everything from interactive visualization to complex configuration with pricing, quoting, guided selling, and reseller templates.
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“We wanted configuration tools that empowered our distribution network, inspired sales staff and excited end-users. CanvasLogic listened to our vision and developed unique solutions that enabled us to achieve our goals”

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Explore the functionalities of CanvasLogic in this short video. Learn how we transformed customer experience, sales, and ordering processes for a leading global furniture and kitchen cabinet manufacturer.
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Explore CanvasLogic platform features

Powerful Configurator and Pricing Engine

  • Boost Omnichannel sales through a streamlined, engaging, and intuitive sales process
  • Enhance the customer experience with a swift quote generation system
  • Increase accuracy utilizing an automated configuration engine and smart sales rules

Interactive 3D Visualization

  • Upgrade your product presentation with realistic, interactive 3D models
  • Foster greater customer engagement with real-time visual product interactions
  • Promote collaboration among clients, partners, and resellers through interactive learning experiences with 3D models
  • Leverage real-time interactions to effortlessly educate clients and partners about your products, eliminating the need for exhaustive training and improving their overall experience

Augmented Reality Engine

  • Immerse your customers in a realistic product experience in their environment
  • Empower field representatives with 3D/AR technology to demonstrate real examples to clients
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for bringing prototypes to clients and product samples to trade shows
  • Outpace competitors with prompt product demonstrations, offering AR experience

Photorealistic Product Rendering

  • Enrich your quotes with high-quality images of individually configured products
  • Enhance your marketing materials, web pages, and catalogs with lifelike product images
  • Allow customers to share high-resolution images of their potential purchases

Mobile-Friendly and Highly Customizable User Interface

  • Take advantage of our fully responsive user experience, compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop devices
  • Seamlessly integrate CanvasLogic with your existing frontend solution in Headless Mode
  • Simplify the quote-to-order process by integrating your checkout functionality with CanvasLogic platform

Guided Selling Capabilities

  • Transition from Seller to a Trusted Advisor
  • Guide less-experienced shoppers to configure their desired products without any technical hassle
  • Reduce information overload for an effortless shopping experience
  • Focus on enriching customer service and improving sales without compromising on customer satisfaction


CanvasLogic features standard integrations with your existing eCommerce and CRM systems, providing a streamlined sales experience. Our platform`s integration scenarios ensure amplified sales and enhanced user engagement through personalized product customization capabilities.

Complete list of Canvaslogic features

Configure, Price, Quote Functionality
3D/AR Product Vizualizer and Configurator
Mobile Ready and Fully Responsive Front End
Photorealistic Product Rendering
Guided Selling Capabilities
PDF/Dynamic Quote Generation
Integration with Google Analytics
Multi - Store / Reseller
Mode Support
3D/AR Product Branding
Localization, Multi-language and Multi-Currency
Headless Architecture
Subscription Based Pricing
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