Streamline sales with custom CPQ software

Improve order accuracy, shorten sales cycles and empower customers with bespoke CPQ solutions

3 steps to configure with CPQ tools

1. Configure

With a CPQ configurator, users can modify 2D/3D configurations & envision products with AR visualizations in real time

2. Price

A CPQ cloud-based product catalogue automatically displays pricing information as the user configures the product

3. Quote

When a configuration is complete, users can generate an all-inclusive quote, contact a supplier or submit an order from within the CPQ system

Our CPQ solutions

Custom CPQ software

At CanvasLogic, we build bespoke CPQ tools that reflect your brand, your business objectives and your target audiences

Mobile-ready CPQ tools

From smartphones and tablets to point-of-sale devices, laptops & desktops, users can access CPQ tools, share product visualizations & submit orders effortlessly

Multi-language CPQ tools

AR product visualization takes customer journeys to the next level and elevates your brand. Custom AR product configuration solutions can transform your business

2D, 3D & AR imagery

Designed for manufacturers, retailers & resellers, our 3D Kitchen Configurator can be used by customers, dealers and sales to create kitchen quotes in-store or online

Why choose CanvasLogic?

We’re dedicated to building innovative CPQ tools that increase engagement, enhance customer journeys & shorten sales cycles

Guided selling

Our CPQ software guides the user, prompting them to configure key elements & automatically adding necessary components to their basket

Real time pricing & configuration

Your product data is stored in our CPQ cloud, which can be updated to reflect new products and pricing information at any time.

In-store, mobile & online

From in-store sales staff to online customers, CPQ tools simplify & shorten the sales cycle, no matter who’s using them

End-to-end integration

CRM, ERP PIM and CPQ e-commerce integrations ensure seamless functionality & maximum sales efficiency

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