Adding a product configurator to your website or mobile app and increase online sales, engage users and facilitate product customization!

Why product configurator integration is vital for your business?

All of the tools and systems you use throughout your sales cycle should be integrated into one, holistic infrastructure, but it’s particularly important that your eCommerce product configurator works in conjunction with your sales tools. Here’s why:

Unique Customer Experience

Ecommerce product configuration integration allows businesses to offer customized products to their customers. Consumers can select, modify, or create products that cater to their specific needs and tastes, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved Operational Efficiency

By automating the customization process, businesses can streamline their operations, eliminate manual errors, and increase efficiency, allowing them to process more orders in less time.

Dynamic Pricing

Integrated product configuration allows businesses to implement dynamic pricing, adjusting the cost of a product based on the chosen customization options. This leads to more accurate pricing and potential revenue increase.

Inventory Management

An integrated product configuration system can update inventory in real-time based on the customizations selected by the customers. This prevents stock-outs or overstocking and helps businesses manage their inventory more efficiently.

Enhanced Data Analysis

With integrated product configuration, businesses can capture valuable data about customers' preferences, buying patterns, and feedback. This can guide future product development, marketing strategies, and business decision-making.

Boost in Conversion Rates

Offering customization options, especially when smoothly integrated with the shopping experience, can lead to an increase in conversion rates as customers are more likely to purchase products tailored to their preferences.

Competitive Advantage

In an increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape, offering product customization and making it easy through effective integration can set a business apart, giving it a unique selling proposition.

Reduced Return Rates

When customers have the ability to customize their products, they are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase, reducing the chances of product returns and the costs associated with it.

Improved Customer Engagement

The interactive nature of product customization can enhance customer engagement, making shopping a more enjoyable and involved experience, potentially leading to longer site visits and repeat purchases.

list of supported integrations

At CanvasLogic, we create custom eCommerce product configuration systems that are designed to integrate with your current and future sales systems.

eCommerce Platform Integrations

If you’re selling products online, you may have your own customeCommerce software powering your website or you may be using a dedicated eCommerce platform, like Magento or Woocommerce, to facilitate sales. Whatever option is right for your brand, we’ll ensure that your eCommerce product configurator is easily integrated with your preferred eCommerce system.

Integrated PIM eCommerce Configurator

Product information management (PIM) software is a must-have tool for eCommerce companies. Providing functionality to store, manage and update product information, PIM software can streamline operations and simplify data management.

While PIM software is a great addition to your sales infrastructure, it doesn’t have to be used in isolation. When you combine PIM functionality with eCommerce configuration tools, you can create a super-powered product management system that incorporates user-friendly customization tools and CPQ functionality too.

At CanvasLogic, our experienced developers can integrate custom eCommerce configuration tools with any PIM software to create a bespoke online sales infrastructure for your business.

CRM Sales Configurator Integrations

A customer relationship management (CRM) system gives you the opportunity to collate and analyze customer interactions. This helps you to build a database of customer interactions that can enhance your customer service and deliver more personalized marketing campaigns. However, the efficacy of your CRM system depends on the data you input, which is why our eCommerce configuration tools can be integrated with any CRM platform.

Whether you’re using a bespoke CRM system to manage your customer data or well-known customer relationship management software, our experienced developers will customize your eCommerce configurator to ensure data is automatically transferred from your online product configurator to your CRM system.

PLM Configurator Software

When you’re working with global supply chains, a product lifecycle management (PLM) platform allows you to manage products, documents and workflows efficiently. Of course, integrating PIM software with an eCommerce platform and product customizer minimizes the amount of manual data entry required and automates your sales and production management.

CanvasLogic product configuration software can be integrated with any PLM platform, so creating a bespoke IT infrastructure is simple and straightforward.

ERP eCommerce Product Configurator Integrations

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is used by large-scale businesses to manage day-to-day functions, including procurement, supply chain operations, logistics and manufacturing. Of course, every sale you process has an impact on these areas, which is why automated updates are essential.

By integrating your custom eCommerce product configurator with your existing ERP platform, you can ensure that data is automatically input into your ERP system and relevant business functions are initiated. With custom-built product configuration software from CanvasLogic, you can integrate 3D and AR configuration tools with any ERP platform.



Our custom eCommerce product customization solutions aren’t just integration-ready – they are fully integrated and ready to use!

Delivering turnkey software that provides instant functionality, our experienced team will handle every aspect of the integration process and ensure that your eCommerce product configurator provides optimal performance from the get-go.


One of the benefits of custom eCommerce product configuration software is that it’s created with your existing and future systems in mind.

This means that whatever software or platforms you’re using, we’ll design and develop product configuration solutions that are compatible with your infrastructure. Furthermore, we’ll discuss your growth plans and commercial objectives to deliver a future proofed eCommerce product configuration software that evolves with your business.


With end-to-end integration, turnkey solutions and one-to-one support, CanvasLogic makes it easy to upgrade your existing sales infrastructure with custom eCommerce product configuration and visualization software.

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