What is CanvasLogic software?

At CanvasLogic, our mission is to make the sale of configurable products visual, interactive and error-free, and our 3D and AR configuration solutions do just that.

Our award-winning software allows you to incorporate a user-friendly product configurator and visualizer into your website, web shop and mobile apps.

Incorporating rule-based product configuration, AR visualization, real-time pricing updates, guided selling and automated order submission, CanvasLogic software helps to increase revenue, simplify complex product sales and enhance the customer journey.

Specializing in complex product configuration, the CanvasLogic team designs, builds and implements a custom configuration and visualization solution that meets your business needs and provides end-users with an engaging user experience (UX).

How does CanvasLogic work?

We create bespoke solutions for retailers, distributors and manufacturers. Working closely with your team, we develop custom configuration and visualization solutions that improve your sales cycle and fit seamlessly into your existing sales setup.

Our software solutions offer a wide range of functionalities, including:

Photorealistic 3D Imagery

To build your unique product catalog, we create photorealistic 3D renderings of the products in your range and store them in proprietary, high-performance GPUs. This ensures that your product configurator updates in real-time and responds to user input instantly.

Rule-based Configuration Engine

Then, we implement product data and pricing configuration rules to reflect the full range of configurations that can be achieved with your products. We use a cloud-based, SaaS framework to store product and pricing configuration rules. This ensures users can only create configurations that are viable based on product specifications and makes it easy to update and modify your range at any time.

Proposal Creation and Error-Free Orders

With a virtual ‘catalog’ of 3D digital files and a powerful rule-based engine, users can configure products and view accurate pricing information in real-time. Additionally, you can choose to allow users to place orders via your CanvasLogic configurator or have them submit an order that you can process manually.

Augmented Reality (AR) Functionality

CanvasLogic software incorporates AR functionality, as well as photorealistic 3D imagery. When users configure products via your branded mobile app, they can activate the augmented reality function to view the finished product in situ.

Online, Point-of-Sale (POS) and Mobile-Ready

Retailers, distributors and manufacturers can use CanvasLogic software in numerous ways. eCommerce and website integrations allow end-users to configure complex products online; an interactive app on an in-store point-of-sale (POS) device can be used by sales teams and/or customers; and a mobile app with augmented reality (AR) functionality can be used by end-users to view configurable products in a real-world environment.

Functional across websites, web shops and mobile apps, CanvasLogic can be used to configure and visualize complex products in store, in the field, online and on the go.

CRM, ERP and PIM Integrations

CanvasLogic configuration and visualization solutions are designed to simplify sales and increase revenue, which is why our software can be integrated into your existing sales setup.

If you’re currently using CRM, ERP and/or PIM systems, for example, our in-house team will integrate your 3D and AR Configurator to create a holistic, efficient sales infrastructure.

What are 3D photorealistic images?

3D images are digitally created to add depth and realism to the subject. For product visualizations, 3D assets enable users to view the product in more detail and see the product from different angles and perspectives.

Can CanvasLogic create 3D assets?

3D assets are simply digital files that depict a photorealistic representation of the subject. When you’re using a 3D configurator and visualizer to sell products, you need to have 3D digital files created. These ensure that products are displayed accurately and enable users to view a product from different angles.

Most configuration companies provide customers with tools to create their own 3D assets, which can be time-consuming and labor intensive. At CanvasLogic, we handle the creation process and work with you to ensure your entire catalog is represented in your 3D configurator.

Of course, if you already have 3D digital files that are ready to use, we’re happy to migrate them into your new configurator!

What are visual product configurations?

When goods can be customized or modified prior to sale, they’re known as ‘complex products’. This means that there are many variations to the end product and customers can choose how a product is configured, within certain parameters.

CanvasLogic software gives users the ability to visualize configurations in real-time, so they can see exactly how an end product will look before placing an order. A user can make as many configurations as they like before submitting an order, which increases customer satisfaction and enhances the customer journey.

By using a unique rule-based engine to determine which configurations are viable, a CanvasLogic configurator minimizes order errors and facilitates first-time right proposals. Additionally, CanvasLogic software is capable of making automated product suggestions and automated basket additions, based on the rules you have defined.

Adding a visual element to product configurations makes it easier and faster to sell complex products, which benefits end-users, sales teams and businesses.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) incorporates computer-generated assets into a real-world environment.

A CanvasLogic AR Visualizer seamlessly blends digital and real-world data to create a unique and interactive experience.

Once a user has configured a complex product, they can switch to AR functionality and view the product in situ. This brings the product to life and allows the user to see exactly how it will look in their chosen environment. Then, users can place an order or return to the configurator to make additional modifications.

As well as making the user experience more exciting and engaging, AR functionality allows users to view complex products prior to ordering, which reduces the risk of costly errors and increases customer satisfaction.

To learn more about using AR to sell complex products, take a look at our Augmented Reality Product Configurator page now.

Is CanvasLogic CPQ software?

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software is used to customize and provide pricing information for complex products. However, it’s best suited to the B2B market, due to the complexity of the software and the technical expertise which are required to use it.

CanvasLogic delivers all the functionality of CPQ software with a more intuitive user-friendly interface. This ensures that CanvasLogic software can be used by B2B customers, dealers and end-users, which significantly broadens its application.

In essence, CanvasLogic configurator software is a visual CPQ solution that’s built to enhance the customer journey, meet business needs and increase sales across a variety of target segments.

Does CanvasLogic show pricing information?

Yes. Pricing information is stored in your custom-built, rule-based configuration engine.

When a user adds a product to their configuration or modifies their configuration, the pricing information is updated real-time, with data being drawn from your cloud-based configuration engine.

If you sell complex products to different target audiences, such as dealers and end-users, CanvasLogic can store, retrieve and display different, user-specific pricing information accordingly. This enables B2B, B2C and D2C businesses to implement a single product configurator for all audiences and maximizes the functionality of your custom-built 3D and AR configurator.

Can CanvasLogic be used on eCommerce platforms?

Yes. CanvasLogic software is integration-ready for a number of eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Shopware, Magento and SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris).

Traditionally, selling complex products online has been challenging, due to the need for enhanced user input and the risk of order errors. CanvasLogic software successfully overcomes these obstacles and enables businesses to sell highly complex and configurable products online.

Integrating CanvasLogic with your preferred eCommerce platform ensures your product configurator can be used on websites, web shops and mobile apps to engage users and increase sales.

To learn more about using CanvasLogic software to sell complex goods online, check out our eCommerce Product Configurator page now.

Can CanvasLogic be integrated into CRM, ERP and PIM systems?

Yes. CanvasLogic configuration and visualization software can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT infrastructures. Customers frequently use CanvasLogic in conjunction with CRM, ERP and PIM systems.

Our experienced in-house team will manage the integration process to ensure optimal functionality and performance.

Choosing to integrate CanvasLogic software with your existing platform streamlines the sales process and ensures that orders placed, or proposals generated via your configurator are automatically added to CRM, ERP and/or PIM systems.

Who can use CanvasLogic software?

Our custom-build configuration and visualization software is used by manufacturers, retailers and enterprises all over the world. With multi-language functionality and updates to your digital product catalog, your 3D and AR configurator will be ready to grow with your brand.

Once your configurator is live, both sales personnel and end-users will be able to use the configuration and visualization tools to bring products to life, implement guided selling and prepare and submit orders.

How much does CanvasLogic cost?

At CanvasLogic, we believe that every business deserves a unique configuration and visualization solution that reflects their brand and serves their target audience(s), which is why we create custom-built configurators for every client.

As the development and implementation process depends on your specific requirements, pricing varies from one project to another. To find out more about CanvasLogic pricing, talk to our team today.

Does CanvasLogic work on web browsers?

Yes. CanvasLogic configuration and visualization solutions work on all mature web browsers.

Does CanvasLogic work on mobile devices?

Yes. CanvasLogic software is mobile-ready and functions seamlessly on all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Why choose CanvasLogic?

At CanvasLogic, we pride ourselves on creating innovative configuration and visualization solutions that benefit both businesses and users. Our award-winning software offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Custom-built configuration and visualization solutions to meet your needs.
  • Multi-language functionality for global reach.
  • SaaS, cloud-based configuration engine for real-time configuration updates.
  • eCommerce, ERP, CRM, PIM integrations for seamless sales processes.
  • Easy-to-update rule-based engine to reflect new products and configuration options.
  • Mobile-ready augmented reality functionality for enhanced visualizations.
  • Automated product suggestions and basket additions to simply complex product configurations.
  • Expert integration, data migration and on-going support from our in-house team.

Still have questions? If you have a query that isn’t covered here or you want to find out how CanvasLogic can work for your brand, get in touch with our team now!

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