eCommerce gives businesses the opportunity to engage a global market, but you need the right tools to be successful. For highly customizable products, it’s essential to give users the opportunity to configure and visualize the end product and that’s just what our bespoke product configuration solutions do.

With a custom eCommerce configurator, you empower users and enhance the customer journey, while streamlining your sales cycle and generating increased revenue. CanvasLogic product configurator software is developed to meet your needs; providing a turnkey solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing eCommerce setup.


Functional across a range of channels, an eCommerce visual product configurator combines photorealistic imagery with augmented reality (AR) to deliver a highly personalized user experience.

A user-friendly interface allows users to configure products in real-time, acting as a ‘product personalizer’. Users can view their customized product in situ with mobile-ready AR functionality and make subsequent modifications or submit an order.

From kitchens and furniture to bathrooms and sanitaryware, configuration software is the ideal solution for businesses that want to take their customer experience to the next level.

To learn more, take a look at some of the exciting features our 3D product configurator software offers:

Product Visualization and Augmented Reality (AR)

When purchasing highly configurable products, it can be difficult for customers to envisage the end result, particularly if they’re buying online or via a point-of-sale (POS) system. As they are only able to view the product via a screen, it’s vital to enhance their digital experience with enhanced product visualization.

With an online product configurator, you can ensure that customers are able to visualize the end product with 3D photorealistic imagery. Real-time updates ensure that any changes a user makes to a configuration are visible immediately, which optimizes their experience and increases sales opportunities.

However, customers don’t simply want to see what a product configuration will look like; they want to know how it will look upon arrival. To see how our augmented reality (AR) configurator solutions allow users to visualize products in their own home, take a look at our eCommerce configurator software in action at Top Shelf.

As well as being a powerful 3D and AR configurator, CanvasLogic delivers a fun and exciting user experience (UX). Designed with usability in mind, our product configurator software features an intuitive user interface (UI) that transforms state-of-the-art technology into an easy-to-use digital platform.

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If you want to deliver a truly seamless and omnichannel customer experience, our product configuration tools are exactly what you’re looking for.

As well as being a user-focused product planner, configurator and visualizer, our software is designed with business in mind. Integrate your custom product configurator with SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud, Magento, Shopware, Shopify, BigCommerce to create an advanced eCommerce suite that increases sales and simplifies order management.

At CanvasLogic, we have more than 20 years of experience when it comes to implementing and migrating product master data. Using your existing inventory management system, we’ll transfer data to your new configuration engine and integrate bespoke 3D product configurator software into your preferred ERP system. Whether you’re using Microsoft Dynamics, PIM-Systems, SAP CX Platform or an alternative system, our team will ensure a seamless end-to-end integration.

Customizable SaaS Platform

An online product configurator might be an essential way to elevate the customer journey, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. At CanvasLogic, we understand that businesses need optimal functionality and flexibility, which is why our eCommerce configurator software is built on an SaaS platform.

With rule-based design dependencies, new configuration options can be added and updated as your business evolves and your product catalog expands.

Someone's left hand holding a tablet computer horizontally while sitting at a desk and holding a pen in their right hand, poised to write on a piece of paper. On the screen of the tablet, a white background and green diagram with 'SaaS' in the center and arrows pointing to smaller icons can be seen.

Someone's hands holding a smartphone vertically while sat at a desk. On the smartphone screen, a 3D photorealistic of a light wood door can be seen, alongside customization options. On the desk surrounding the phone is a silver keyword, dark mug and green plant.


The number of mobile users across all demographics is increasing all the time, which means eCommerce sellers need to incorporate mobile usage into their digital sales strategy. As a mobile-ready platform, our interactive product customizer and configurator software allows users to customize products and orders straight from a phone or tablet. With simple ‘point and shoot’ functionality, customers can see their configured products in situ via augmented reality.

Additionally, our mobile-ready product configurator software can be used on portable point-of-sale (POS) equipment as an in-store product configurator. If you sell in-store or face-to-face, as well as online, our 3D configurator can blend seamlessly from a digital space to a real-world environment.


Being an online retailer allows you to sell in multiple regions or to engage with customers worldwide. Whether you’re selling domestically, internationally or globally, our multi-language support product configuration solutions serve your target audiences and enable your web shop or site to grow with your business.

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When you choose CanvasLogic 3D configurator software, photorealistic renderings are held in secure GPUs, while visual configuration, pricing and product rules are hosted on cloud-native software.

This ensures companies can take a modular, API-first, rule-based approach to product configuration. If your company’s product range expands or you want to incorporate more configurations, it’s easy to update your custom rules accordingly.


Whether your bespoke 3D product configurator will be used by technical sales staff or customers, a user-friendly interface and seamless functionality will delight users. Operating as both a visual product planner and sales configurator software, CanvasLogic online product configurator software delivers valuable business benefits, as well as elevating the user experience (UX).

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By optimizing the customer journey and providing a fun and engaging UX, a custom online configurator and product visualizer gives businesses the opportunity to increase conversion rates and maximize revenue, but the benefits don’t stop there. To find out how CanvasLogic can enhance your operations and send sales soaring, take a look at some of the benefits associated with our product configurator software:

A gray background with a green animated graph. Months of the year, from Jan to Jul, are listed on the bottom horizontal axis. The graph shows a peaks and troughs with a significant total increase as the year goes on.
A gray background with a green animated graph. Months of the year, from Jan to Jul, are listed on the bottom horizontal axis. The graph shows a peaks and troughs with a significant total increase as the year goes on.
A gray background with a green animated graph. Months of the year, from Jan to Jul, are listed on the bottom horizontal axis. The graph shows a peaks and troughs with a significant total increase as the year goes on.
A gray background with a green animated graph. Months of the year, from Jan to Jul, are listed on the bottom horizontal axis. The graph shows a peaks and troughs with a significant total increase as the year goes on.
A gray background with a green animated graph. Months of the year, from Jan to Jul, are listed on the bottom horizontal axis. The graph shows a peaks and troughs with a significant total increase as the year goes on.


When purchasing highly customizable products, order errors negatively impact the customer’s experience and increase business costs. If orders are made and subsequently changed, staff are required to modify the order and potentially unpack goods and revise the inventory. Similarly, if goods are returned due to order errors, companies incur further costs and disruption.

With an online product configurator, businesses can benefit from error-free ordering. Automated product suggestions and photorealistic visualization of the end product leave less room for error, increase order accuracy and generate more revenue.

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A person sat at a desk typing on an open laptop. Over their shoulder, the screen is visible and shows a photorealistic 3D door configuration and customization options. On the desk, there are two piles of books, a white tablet computer and a blue glass containing clear liquid.


Functioning as sales configurator software, our product configuration solutions allow customers to configure highly customizable products swiftly and easily. Furthermore, automated product suggestions and basket additions increase customer value and simplify order processing.

Integrating a custom web product configurator with your CRM system bridges the gap and allows sales to be fully automated. With less reliance on sales staff, businesses can reduce overheads, shorten the sales cycle and increase customer retention rates.


In-house automation can significantly reduce company costs, which gives you the opportunity to boost revenue and generate higher profits. Cost-saving via first-time right proposals, error-free bills of materials and sales automation enables businesses to minimize costs while seeing their profits soar – all thanks to 3D configurator software!

A close up image of two people sat facing each other at a desk. On the right, a person's hands can be seen. In their right hand, they are holding a pen and are poised to annotate a blue and orange graph on a piece of paper. To the left, a person wearing a light blue shirt is holding a white tablet computer and a pen. On the desk is a calculator, a pair of eyeglasses, a notebook and a pile of books.

An augmented reality depiction of a person's right hand holding a smartphone vertically. On the smartphone screen, an AR image of a dark green armchair can be seen against a dark gray wall. Around the phone, the dark gray wall, a light wood floor and a green potted plant can be seen.

Personalized customer journey

In today’s digital marketplace, personalization is critical to success, particularly when users are purchasing highly customizable or custom-made products. Furthermore, a customer’s digital journey needs to be engaging and informative if you want to outperform your competitors.

With 3D photorealistic images and AR functionality, CanvasLogic 3D product configurators take personalization to a new level. Giving users the opportunity to create, modify and update configurations in real-time as a product customizer and see products in their own environment with AR visualizations, our innovative product configurator software delivers a unique and personalized omnichannel experience to every customer.


Increasing sales is a key priority for every retailer. If you want to secure a larger share of the market and increase profitability, online product configurator software gives you the means to do so. With the potential to reduce costs, increase user engagement and optimize order values, a branded online configurator can transform your operations, maximize sales and increase profitability.

Four people sitting around a desk. Two people are facing away from the camera. Towards the center of the image, a middle-aged man wearing a white t-shirt and black eyeglasses looks off camera while holding a pen. To his right, a woman with short, dark curly hair looks at him while holding a tablet computer and smiling. She is wearing eyeglasses and a brown sweater. On the desk two laptops and two small potted plants can be seen and a white wall and window is visible in the background.


To learn more about how the eCommerce Product Configurator can benefit your brand, talk to the CanvasLogic team today. With customizable options to suit all businesses, we’ll create a platform that meets your needs and grows with your company.

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