Configure and Visualize Customizable Products with Augmented Reality

Customer journeys are becoming increasingly digital, regardless of which sales channels you use. From web shops and websites to in-store point-of-sale (POS) systems, virtually every customer will engage with digital touchpoints. For retail businesses, finding new and innovative ways to enrich a customer’s digital journey is key to increasing engagement and maximizing sales, and the CanvasLogic Augmented Reality Product Configurator allows you to do just that.

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What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality (AR) allows users to view and experience digital objects, using their mobile phones or tablets, in real-life settings, effectively bridging the gap between the digital world and reality. When customers are shopping online, AR functionality allows them to place a product in their own physical environment to see exactly how it will look.

By giving users more control of their online experience and allowing them to visualize products in context, augmented reality can boost engagement, sales and revenue for retailers.

How does an AR Product Configurator work?

An AR product configurator enables users to ‘place’ items in their own environment, directly from your web shop or website. If a user is browsing sofas on their cell phone, for example, they can select the product they’re interested in, point their phone to the relevant area and ‘see’ the sofa in their own home.

However, there are significant differences when it comes to how AR product configurators operate. Although every AR visualizer should deliver this functionality, they don’t all offer a seamless user experience (UX) or 3D product configuration.

To see the CanvasLogic 3D and AR Product Configurator in action, take a look at our work with the leading kitchen and bathroom company, Top Shelf.

Why choose CanvasLogic?

At CanvasLogic, we believe that 3D and AR product configuration and visualization should be available to every business and its customers. That’s why we’ve developed an Augmented Reality Product Configurator that’s easy to implement, simple to integrate and fun to use. To find out why the CanvasLogic AR Product Configurator is right for your business, take a look at some of the benefits it offers:

3D and AR functionality

As well as providing AR functionality, our innovative Product Configurator also delivers photorealistic 3D imagery. This ensures users can view products from every angle, in detail, before seeing them in situ with AR. As well as generating a fun UX and enhancing the customer journey, this photorealistic 3D imagery also allows customers to see an accurate product image before they buy. In turn, this reduces the risk of order errors and returns, thus cutting business costs and increasing revenue.

Easy to Implement

Available as a customizable SaaS platform, our 3D Product Configurator can be added to your website or web shop with minimal effort. In fact, you can choose exactly how to incorporate our SaaS platform into your eCommerce setup. From facilitating direct sales to submitting first-time right proposals, it’s easy to blend our 3D and AR Product Configurator into your company’s online portal.

Seamless Product Configurations

Augmented reality can be used to place ‘simple products’, like a standalone chair or sofa, in the user’s own environment, but it doesn’t stop there. The CanvasLogic 3D and AR Product Configurator also allows customers to modify highly configurable products, create their own customizations and view them in their own environment with AR.

With instant order updates, accurate photorealistic imagery and automated product suggestions, selling highly configurable products online becomes easier, faster and more profitable with the CanvasLogic 3D and AR Product Configurator.


As well as being a standalone SaaS platform, the Canvas Logic 3D and AR Product Configurator can be integrated with existing systems to streamline the sales process. Incorporating the Product Configurator into your CRM system ensures that customer accounts and records are instantly updated, for example. Similarly, the CanvasLogic Augmented Reality Product Configurator can be used with PIM and ERP solutions, as well as a wide range of selling tools.

For retailers that are using dedicated eCommerce technologies, our integrations with Magento, Shopify and SAP Commerce Cloud ensure easy implementation and seamless functionality.

Error-free ordering and first-time right proposals

Order errors can account for a relatively high percentage of business costs, particularly when products are highly configurable or customizable. As well as increasing sales and enhancing customer journeys, the CanvasLogic 3D Product Configurator reduces the risk of order errors and facilitates the generation of first-time right proposals.

When customers or sales teams are configuring products, related products can be automatically added to their baskets or suggested. This ensures that critical elements of the end configurations aren’t overlooked, that accurate bills of materials are produced and makes error-free ordering a reality.

Real-time updates

As customers modify product configurations or update their orders, the CanvasLogic AR Product Configurator reflects changes in real-time. In addition to enhancing the user’s digital experience, instant updates and real-time functionality increases the accuracy of orders and ensures customers can modify, update and place orders instantly.

Sales automation

Increasing automation can fast-track the sales cycle and reduce overheads, which means our unique sales configurator is an effective way to maximize revenue. When customers can modify and order highly configurable products online, without assistance from sales staff, it reduces the number of resources used and enables businesses to cut their costs.

Similarly, when using CanvasLogic in-store via portable or stationary POS systems, sales teams can utilize 3D and AR product visualization to close sales more quickly, thus maximizing revenue and streamlining the sales process.

Cloud-based functionality

Native cloud functionality and flexible architecture ensures the CanvasLogic 3D and AR Product Configurator is widely available, easy to update and requires minimal maintenance. With photorealistic renderings crunched out by powerful GPUs and digital pricing and product catalogs stored in a rule-based engine via the cloud, updating your product range or modifying pricing information takes seconds.


Choosing a mobile-ready product configurator ensures you can optimize customer journeys, both in-store and online. Portable POS equipment ensures sales staff can engage with customers anywhere, while an interactive app configurator enables customers to visualize the end product in any environment using a cell phone or tablet.

Whether you integrate CanvasLogic into your branded app, website or web shop, you’ll find that our mobile-ready functionality allows you to secure sales anywhere, any time.

In-store, online and in the field

No matter what channels you’re using, the CanvasLogic AR Product Configurator adapts to suit you. Simple enough for customers to use without assistance, it can be implemented on your website or web shop to facilitate online sales. Alternatively, our product configurator software can be used in-store or in the field to showcase products and configurations, place orders and secure sales.

What’s more – the CanvasLogic 3D and AR Product Configurator can be used to display different pricing systems, depending on whether you’re selling to end-users or wholesale customers to give you maximum flexibility.

Optimize customer journeys to boost sales

Engaging users online is essential, particularly if you want to outperform your competitors. AR functionality gives users a richer digital experience and can, therefore, increase engagement and have a direct impact on sales. As a multi- language product configurator, CanvasLogic also ensures that businesses can deliver an outstanding digital experience to customers worldwide.

Helping to propel customers through the sales cycle and shorten the sales funnel, highly configurable products can be bought online as easily as ‘simple products’ when you have built-in 3D and AR product visualization functionality on your site or web shop.

Experience the CanvasLogic Augmented Reality Product Configurator now

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