Empower users and increase sales

with custom-built 3D product configuration and visualization solutions

Any device Any platform

Functional across mobile, web and point-of-sale (POS) devices

No plugins required

Cross-browser functionality and native integrations for seamless performance on any device


Custom, branded user interface (UI) to simplify sales and enhance customer journeys

Why CanvasLogic?


  • Custom configuration software
  • Turnkey solutions
  • 3D Product configuration
  • Responsive & Mobile friendly
  • Cross-platform functionality

Real-time augmented reality (AR) visualizations to bring products to life

360° product view shows customizations from every angle

Empower customers with instant modifications and AR engagement

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Custom, branded configuration software

Our in-house team develop unique configuration software that's tailormade for your business
and your future

Expert end-to-end integration

Deploy turnkey solution with seamless integration

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