3D Kitchen configurator for NOBILIA

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3D Kitchen configurator for NOBILIA
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Nobilia, a prominent German kitchen manufacturer with over 75 years of industry dominance, produces 783,000 kitchens annually. Collaborating with 200+ distributors and Project Partners, the company is renowned for bespoke kitchens, prioritizing quality and innovative design based on customer specifications.

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“CanvasLogic listened to our vision and developed unique solutions that enabled us to achieve our goals. We’re thrilled with the outcome and excited that more and more of our resellers are choosing to integrate the Nobilia elements kitchen configurator into their websites and e-commerce systems.”


Nobilia, a leader in kitchen manufacturing, expanded its offerings with the Nobilia elements range to meet growing demand for ready-made kitchens.
CanvasLogic collaborated with Nobilia to create custom digital configuration tools for seamless integration across the company, resellers & customers.


At CanvasLogic, we view online configuration tools as means to achieve our clients’ objectives, not as end goals. We prioritize understanding our clients’ needs by engaging with stakeholders and conducting a thorough analysis.

In collaboration with Nobilia, we focused on enhancing their reseller strategy, particularly in the technology aspect, developing 3D configuration tools to streamline the B2B order process. Our approach ensures business-oriented, sales-driven solutions aligned with Nobilia’s commercial objectives.


Nobilia’s kitchen configurator is designed to be responsive across all platforms and systems, ensuring seamless functionality on desktop, mobile, Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and more. This ensures a consistent and optimal user experience across all devices & reseller websites.

Sophisticated configuration logic

CanvasLogic’s custom software for the nobilia elements range enables users to design kitchens in various configurations, from L-shaped to island kitchens.

The solution incorporates advanced configuration algorithms and a robust rule-based logic engine to accommodate all possible configurations allowed by the products. Additionally, the system is designed for efficient and flexible product updates, ensuring the online kitchen configurator always reflects the latest nobilia elements products and designs without lengthy reprogramming.


Ecommerce integrations

To ensure a seamless online sales experience, CanvasLogic integrated Nobilia’s kitchen product configurator with various e-commerce platforms, such as SAP Commerce Cloud, Shopify, WooCommerce, Versa Commerce, and others.

This integration enables the configurator to function seamlessly across all sales channels, share data according to predefined rules & deliver an optimal experience on multiple e-commerce platforms.

CanvasLogic integrated Nobilia’s kitchen configurator with multiple e-commerce platforms to deliver a unified sales infrastructure across all channels:


Multi-retailer application

Nobilia’s new product configuration integrated with various resellers’ websites, shops & e-commerce systems. The goal was to ensure simplicity & efficiency in integrating the kitchen configurator with diverse setups for each reseller.

The Nobilia elements reseller network. CanvasLogic’s custom software needed to deliver seamless integration with multiple websites, systems and e-commerce platforms.

Catering to multiple audience

CanvasLogic was tasked with developing configuration solutions for Nobilia’s sales partners to promote and sell the Nobilia elements range. The core audience includes sales professionals who use an in-house point-of-sale (POS) system for face-to-face interactions.

Additionally, many resellers wanted to make the kitchen configurator available for end-customers to use independently on their websites. At CanvasLogic, our focus is on creating easy-to-use configuration solutions that enhance the user experience and generate value for both sales professionals and end customers.

Designed for multiple target audiences, the configuration software gives sales staff and end customers the tools they need to design personalized kitchens, create comprehensive BoMs, locate resellers and/or submit complete orders.

Bill of materials production

When ordering kitchens, various components need consideration beyond the appearance. Nobilia’s configurator ensures a seamless delivery & installation by generating an accurate bill of materials that includes all necessary accessories. Customer can save or share the document, submitting it to the reseller, who can then forward it directly to Nobilia for prompt processing.

Other capabilities

  • Real-time photorealistic configurations
  • Compatibility with IDM catalog imports
  • Custom textures for 3D product visualizations
  • Native cloud functionality
  • Multi-language support
  • User-friendly interface
  • UI Shareable configurations


Our team brought Nobilia’s 3D kitchen configurator to life. Leveraging the company’s master data and CAD models, we created a custom, cloud-based product and pricing catalog. Our work included developing a comprehensive rule-based logic engine for all configuration options, ensuring easy updates to logic engine processes, maximizing cross-platform functionality & designing a user-friendly interface.

Notably, our focus on integration led to the development of two broad options for seamlessly incorporating Nobilia’s 3D product configurator across various websites and web shops.

Lead gen configurations

Resellers can swiftly integrate the Nobilia configurator into their websites via IFrame with just 3-4 lines of code. This acts as a free lead generation tool, allowing sales partners to generate leads, upsell products, and improve the customer journey. The 3D kitchen configurator also enables end customers to find local resellers and submit orders directly.

Reseller ecommerce integration

Resale partners can easily integrate the Nobilia elements kitchen planner into their existing e-commerce system by adding a short code to their HTML. Whether it’s Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, or SAP Hybris, our configurator ensures seamless integration with popular e-commerce systems.

As a turnkey solution, it allows resellers to create configurations, generate bills of materials (BOMs) & enables customers to submit orders directly, streamlining the process for resellers to place orders with Nobilia.

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