Bring kitchens to lifewith our interactive 3D product configurator

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When you’re showcasing and selling highly customizable products via different channels, it’s essential to personalize the end-product. From cabinet configurations to finishing touches, our unique 3D product configurator and visualization tool streamlines the sales process and enhances your customers’ experience.

In-store and Online

Designed for manufacturers, retailers and resellers, our 3D Kitchen Configurator can be used by end customers, dealers and sales teams to create bespoke kitchen quotes in-store or online. Combining state-of-the-art technology with easy-to-use functionality, the CanvasLogic configuration engine delivers an interactive, end-to-end user experience.

Custom SaaS Platform

To outperform competitors and triumph in a digital era, personalization is critical to success. With our unique software, kitchen manufacturers and retailers can accelerate their digital transformation, shorten the sales cycle and integrate real-time product visualization with existing CRM, PIM, and ERP solutions.

What is the CanvasLogic 3D Kitchen Configurator?

Our 3D kitchen configurator uses the latest technology to deliver multiple functionalities. Predominantly a modular 3D configuration and instant pricing tool, it’s the perfect solution for retailers of customizable products. In addition to facilitating real-time 3D configurations, our technology also incorporates augmented reality (AR) to truly bring your products to life.

Combining realistic 3D product imagery, interactive configurations and immersive AR, our 3D Kitchen Configurator:

  • Works across all devices: computers, phones, tablets and POS
  • Generates photorealistic product visualizations
  • Features a powerful rule-based configuration engine
  • Offers interactive UX in real-time
  • Is modular, integration-ready and easy to maintain
  • Facilitates error-free orders and instant quote creation
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To see the CanvasLogic 3D Product Configurator in action, take a look at our work with the leading kitchen and bathroom company, Top Shelf.

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Why Do You Need the CanvasLogic 3D Kitchen Configurator?

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As technology has evolved, customers have come to expect real-time information, personalized content and instant transactions. When it comes to highly customizable products, however, it’s been challenging for companies to meet the digital expectations of their target audience. The CanvasLogic 3D Kitchen Configurator enables manufacturers and retailers to deliver an unparalleled digital experience.

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Once implemented, the 3D Kitchen Configurator stores every component and allows customers to create their own, personalized kitchen using predefined elements from a digital catalogue, such as cabinets, drawers, ovens, hobs and hoods.

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As well as boosting engagement, the CanvasLogic product configurator streamlines the sales process and avoids the risk of order errors. Necessary fixtures and fittings can be automatically added to components, for example, so that an accurate Bill of Materials can be created. Optional extras can also be suggested or added to optimize UK and increase sales.

Bring Configurations to Life with Augmented Reality (AR)

As well as generating photorealistic, real-time rendering, the CanvasLogic 3D Configurator and Visualization tool allows users to integrate their 3D kitchen mock-up into their home. Using advanced technology, users can simply ‘point and click’ to view their new kitchen in situ.

Not only does this allow customers to confirm their selections and elevate their digital experience, it enables companies to deliver tailored solutions and personalized content.

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Do You Need Industry-Grade CPQ Software?

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Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software is often used by companies who manufacture and/or sell highly complex industrial products. In many instances, CPQ software is used in conjunction with CAD, PLM and PIM solutions, which is ideal for industry professionals. When it comes to end user engagement with product configuration, however, CPQ software often falls short of providing an engaging user experience due to its own complexity.

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CanvasLogic overcomes this obstacle by operating as a user-friendly visual configurator. CanvasLogic relies on a flexible rules engine and design dependencies, allowing our software to easily define all possible configurations.

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What’s more - it does it in real-time, which means every time a user makes a change to the configuration, the range of possibilities is instantly recalculated.

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The result? A fun, enticing and useful digital experience for end users and a cost-effective visualization and quote generation tool for companies that want to deliver genuine product personalization and generate increased revenue.

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Why Choose CanvasLogic?

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At CanvasLogic, we’re committed to making state-of-the-art technology usable and functional, as well as ensuring the latest tech helps businesses to sell easier, faster and make end-customers happier throughout the sales process. While a customer’s digital journey is an important part of their brand experience, the right tools can impress the end user while also delivering genuine commercial benefits, such as first-time right sales proposals, shorter sales cycles, error-free Bill of Materials, and easier upsells.

With our unique scalable 3D and AR visualizations, kitchen manufacturers and retailers can elevate their digital capabilities, without dealing with complex algorithms, time-consuming maintenance or costly development processes.

Instead, our modern SaaS approach, combined with a flexible architecture and native cloud functionality, makes implementing, maintaining and using the CanvasLogic 3D Kitchen Configurator simple and straightforward. As a multi-language support product configurator, CanvasLogic prioritizes versatility and global functionality, but our customizable platform ensures maximum flexibility.

From offering varying pricing structures to wholesale clients and end-users to expanding your product range, our software makes it easy to sell highly configurable products and evolves with your brand.

When companies use CanvasLogic SaaS software, they leverage powerful Visual, Logic and Analytics engines, along with customized user management, data permissions and an integration layer to create your unique kitchen configurator and connect your new digital tool to existing in-house systems.

With photorealistic rendering via our proprietary GPUs and cloud-based product data and pricing visual configuration rules, the CanvasLogic 3D Kitchen Configurator can be used via branded apps with augmented reality capabilities, on your website or web shop and on interactive POS devices.

How to Increase Sales and Reduce Costs with CanvasLogic

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How to Increase Sales and Reduce Costs with CanvasLogic

Increasing sales and reducing costs is key to optimizing profitability and the CanvasLogic 3D Kitchen Configurator enables you to do both. The automated addition of fixtures and fittings, as well as optional extras, upsells products and eradicates ordering errors. In turn, this increases customer value and sales, while reducing time, errors, and costs.

Furthermore, implementing the CanvasLogic 3D Kitchen Configurator helps to scale sales processes, by decreasing reliance on sales staff. While our Configurator and Visualization tool can be used by staff in the field, it can also be utilized by end users directly on your website or branded app.

As a result, customers can configure individual, personalized kitchens on their own, via the website, and submit their detailed requests or orders for final handling. Once an order is complete, it can either be processed instantly online or an order sheet can be produced and sent to your processing, manufacturing and/or dispatch teams, thus shortening the production cycle and further reducing resource consumption.

Implement the CanvasLogic 3D Kitchen Configurator Now

To take your company’s digital transformation to the next level, talk to our team about implementing the CanvasLogic 3D Kitchen Configurator now. With options to suit all businesses, we’ll create a customized solution that suits your needs and evolves with your brand.

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A large circular icon, beginning in mid-green and gradually getting lighter until it fades into white. A large circular icon, beginning in mid-green and gradually getting lighter until it fades into white.


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