January 16, 2020
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CanvasLogic Welcomes TOP-SHELF as a New Customer

We are happy to announce that CanvasLogic has entered into an agreement with a new customer — TOP-SHELF.de.

TOP-SHELF.de is a young but promising company that designs contemporary household furniture. Despite being founded in 2019, the company has already won recognition and earned customer loyalty.

“We’re pleased that the CanvasLogic Bathroom and Kitchen Configurator will play a critical role in elevating the brand’s digital identity. Using photorealistic images and augmented reality to bring TOP-SHELF.de products to life, our configuration and visualization software is set to enhance user experiences and increase engagement.”

Oleg Schmidt, Sales and Client Services, CanvasLogic

CanvasLogic worked closely with the TOP-SHELF.de team to develop a multi-purpose Bathroom and Kitchen Configurator that combines the latest technology with an intuitive and engaging user interface. 

As a multi-language product configurator, CanvasLogic proved to be the perfect solution for TOP-SHELF.de’s multi-language website and integrates with the company’s in-house systems to simplify sales and maximize revenue.

The cooperation between CanvasLogic and TOP-SHELF.de is expected to help both companies provide seamless customer experiences, deliver innovative design solutions to the market and add value to their businesses.

Want to know more? Find out how the CanvasLogic Kitchen Configurator can work for your brand now.

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