Moving Elements Transitions to CanvasLogic

Moving Elements is now called CanvasLogic and is part of SaM Solutions Group.

In August 2019, Moving Elements Gesellschaft für interaktive Medien mbH based in Halle (Saale) was acquired by SaM Visual Solutions GmbH based in Gilching.

Our delivery of cloud solutions for web and mobile product configuration will continue uninterrupted with the existing team in Halle (Saale) under the new CanvasLogic label. Furthermore, we’re excited to deliver our innovative SaaS-based product configurator under the CanvasLogic brand.

Anton Dechko, Managing Director of SaM Visual Solutions, anticipates a positive impact for CanvasLogic’s customer projects due to the extensive IT know-how of the SaM Solutions Group. Also, 3D visualization and configuration are exactly what SaM Solutions’ customers look for in their e-Commerce projects. Anton Dechko says: “Together, we can provide better services to our customers — it is an ideal combination.”

Are you looking for production configuration and visualization tools? To learn more about the CanvasLogic mobile-ready 3D and AR Configurator, contact us today. 

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