February 18, 2022
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Augmented Reality Shopping a Top eCommerce Trend in 2022

For businesses that want to maximize online sales, augmented reality shopping is set to be a top eCommerce trend in 2022 (TechRound, 2022). Capable of bringing products to life and elevating the customer journey, augmented reality has the potential to revolutionize online shopping, which is why it’s a core component of CanvasLogic’s online product configuration and visualization solutions.

Immersive Online Shopping

One of the reasons companies are so eager to integrated augmented reality shopping into eCommerce websites, web shops and mobile apps is because of the immersive online shopping experience it delivers.

When users are distracted or forced to look away from the screen, it disrupts their customer journey and increases the likelihood of basket abandonment. If a user is browsing online for furniture, for example, and has to get up and measure the room to determine if a particular sofa can be accommodated, it interrupts the buyer’s journey and risks losing the sale.

With augmented reality shopping, however, the user can simply hold up their device and view the product in their real-world environment, in real-time. This immersive form of online shopping ensures the customer remains focused on their purchasing decisions and enables them to buy online with confidence.

Enhanced Product Experiences

Optimizing the product experience improves the customer journey but, until the arrival of AR for eCommerce, there were limited ways that companies could enable users to really experience a product online.

Now, instead of looking at flat product images, customers can view products in 3D and in situ, thus immersing themselves in the purchasing journey. While traditional eCommerce relies on good product imaging, detailed product descriptions and a little of the customer’s imagination, augmented reality (AR) allows the user to blend digital and real-world environments to experience the product in real-time.

augmented reality shopping visualization tools

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Digital Shopping vs Bricks and Mortar

Online shopping has revolutionized the way we make purchases, but bricks and mortar stores have remained a go-to choice for customers buying complex products. The opportunity to see, feel and experience the product and request assistance from sales personnel has arguably made in-person shopping preferable when buying complex products.

However, the enhanced product experience available via augmented reality shopping means that in-person shopping no longer carries the same advantages, even when customers are purchasing complex products. With immersive digital journeys, intuitive product experiences and user-friendly configuration tools, AR is set to take eCommerce to a whole new level.

Integrate Augmented Reality Shopping into Your eCommerce Strategy

If you want to capitalize on one of the biggest eCommerce trends of 2022, we’re here to help. Our experienced team of developers will create custom product configuration and AR visualization solutions to accelerate your brand development and help you achieve your commercial goals.

From simple product customizations, such as colour modifications, to complex product configurations for kitchens and furniture, our bespoke 2D & 3D product configuration solutions empower customers and accelerate the sales cycle, while our augmented reality (AR) visualization software increases the customer’s confidence, improves order transparency and adds an element of fun into the customer journey.

To learn more, explore our AR visualization solutions now and talk to the CanvasLogic team today.

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