What are visual product configurations?

When goods can be customized or modified prior to sale, they’re known as ‘complex products’. This means that there are many variations to the end product and customers can choose how a product is configured, within certain parameters.

CanvasLogic software gives users the ability to visualize configurations in real-time, so they can see exactly how an end product will look before placing an order. A user can make as many configurations as they like before submitting an order, which increases customer satisfaction and enhances the customer journey.

By using a unique rule-based engine to determine which configurations are viable, a CanvasLogic configurator minimizes order errors and facilitates first-time right proposals. Additionally, CanvasLogic software is capable of making automated product suggestions and automated basket additions, based on the rules you have defined.

Adding a visual element to product configurations makes it easier and faster to sell complex products, which benefits end-users, sales teams and businesses.