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Customizable products

Your products are customizable and adaptable to meet a great many customer requirements? Yet, your customers have no idea what is really on offer. You have problems to explain the various features and the product logic? Your sales department sells products that can create problems during production because they are not aware of all the dependencies? Respond to the individual needs of your customers much faster than others. Whether in 3D, in real-time, stunningly realistic, always feasible, accurate and always according to your business logic.

Product customization easily explained

Let your prospective customers discover your entire product range with ease, wherever and whenever, even without your personnel. Communicate very clearly how your product can be customized and give your customers the opportunity to immerse your product world.

The digital design studio

CanvasLogic's configurator solutions allow everyone involved in the product lifecycle to interactively visualize, configure, and share modules, options, equipment versions, accessories, colors, and materials in a highly experiential and three-dimensional way. And all this without producing a single piece, throughout the entire product life cycle and in all digital application areas. The interactive 3D variant configurator enables the dynamic high-end visualization and communication of varied, design-oriented and customized products.

The CanvasLogic 3D product configurator generates photorealistic product images in real-time, all imaginable configuration and sales-specific parameters and aggregated value-added data. Cross-platform, unrestricted, accessible in all digital devices and beyond.

Web-based all-in-one solution, SaaS

Quickly and easily embed any modules, modes, and features into your existing system architecture using intelligent interfaces. The CanvasLogic platform consolidates trend-setting innovations and brings together the best approaches from 3D visualization, CAD, cloud computing, ERP, e-commerce systems, big data and much more. Reach 100% of all Internet users with a single application - on all stationary and mobile devices - regardless of the platform, without any additional software or costly adjustments! Our software is web-based and only needs one computer with Internet connection for maintenance and administration making it completely independent of location and time.

Database-assisted experience-oriented product configuration

The CanvasLogic 3D configurator ideally supports product communication and is one of the most attractive elements of corporate communication: the desired product can be configured, viewed and evaluated at the touch of a button. This new, innovative method of sales consulting can be used flexibly, it speeds up the sales process, saves sales premises and can also be effectively used as a source of information for customers even without sales personnel.

For example, a prefabricated house, a bathroom or a complex machine can potentially have billions of possible versions, which could never be built and presented in principle. It is impossible to retouch images or create "in stock" renderings for a product presentation and product communication manually.

The use of interactive 3D configurators at all digital touchpoints of your company creates a new and experience-oriented method of product configuration - whether by your customer, your sales department or your trading partners

Thus, all those involved in the product life cycle are able to assemble the desired model version, to view it from all perspectives and in all levels of detail and to easily switch between the driver's seat and the body.

Professional Services CanvasLogic

The CanvasLogic team offers you comprehensive services for the professional implementation of your 3D configuration projects:

  • project planning
  • project management
  • Implementation from 3D via CGI to augmented reality, workflow management, 3D modeling, integration into existing systems, etc.
  • SaaS operation
  • Maintenance of applications

SaM Solutions has been the parent company of CanvasLogic with software development for customers all over Europe since 1993.