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  • Use configurator as user innovation/customer co-design tool, actively involve the customer in the product development process
  • Models configured by the customer (or sales) can be subsequently reused for order fulfillment
  • Reduced queries in design and distribution
  • Market research tool: Trends on popular and less attractive product versions
  • Automatic customer pre-qualification and collection of aggregated customer knowledge
  • Configurator as a customer loyalty tool
  • Configurator as Qualification Instrument, Inspiration and Guided Selling
  • Corporate Communications: Configurator as an effective advertising tool
  • Inspiration and Guided Selling, Automated Product Consulting and Product Presentation
  • Faster purchase decision
  • Generation of data for and via indirect sales agents
  • Automatic image and video production
  • Use as an e-business instrument
  • Facilitated collection of aggregated customer data
  • Platform-independent, running on a wide range of desired devices, data can be controlled via the cloud and is maintained up to date

Solution from CanvasLogic

The system was implemented by CanvasLogic as a SaaS solution in their own data center for Rauch Möbel. It employed product configurator from CanvasLogic.

The solution is integrated into the website of Rauch Möbel and runs in numerous furniture stores throughout Germany as an inspiration and guided selling tool.

The images are rendered in real time. CanvasLogic has developed a layering system for Rauch Möbel to enable the fast creation of images. It allows both layover images and take into account light and color values. As a result, mirrors, glass or high-gloss materials can also be reproduced photorealistically even with layer technology.

In use since 2016

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